“What a really professional, in a theatrical sense. presentation of life amongst Indians. Harvest Moon, as a sotryteller, had our group as enchanted as if we were a group of children.”Elderhostel Program / Lake Quinault Lodge

“I enjoy you so much. You made me feel as if I was a Coastal Indian. You told me stuff I never knew. I wish I could talk to you more often. You were so interesting that I couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for everything.”Fourth Grade Student

“Harvest Moon was so animated and knew such minute details Mary Sam’s life that it had to be Mary Sam speaking. The one detail that really sticks out in my mind is how she knew all the names of the poeple that Mary Sam had encountered. This was amazing to me. Most historians know major facts and happenings during the life of a historical figure with some detail about the person, but Harvest Moon seemed to be able to feel the spirits and had an inner connection with Mary Sam. By the time Mary Sam was done, I felt like I had lived the life of Mary Sam and expeienced so many of the same things that she had experienced. I can’t recall any other presentation throughout my college career that was so interesting and believable. The story method was done to perfection by Harvest Moon.”Saint Martin’s College, Intercultural Communitcation Student







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