About the Quinaults

The people of the Quinault Nation live on ancestral land along the coast of Washington. The Quinaults were famous for their large ocean-going canoes.

The Nation consists of the Quinault and Queets tribes and the descendants of six other coastal tribes: The Hoh River, Chehalish, Chinook, Shoalwater and Cowlitz. All of these tribes spoke dialects of Salish and were culturally and socially akin. They lived in family groups along their rivers in long houses built from red cedar. They, like many other tribes, attended the annual gathering of many tribes on the Columbia River for social events, games, arranging marriages and fishing for Chinook Salmon.

Today the Quinault Reservation consists of 200,000 acres of lands and waters, bounded on the est by the Pacific Ocan and on the east by Lake Quinault. Current tribal enrollment is approximately 2,600. Tribal industry includes timber, fisheries.







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